Gpixel NV Founded As New Supplier of Advanced CMOS Image Sensors Solutions
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ANTWERP, Belgium and CHANGCHUN, China, August 9 2018  –  A team of CMOS image sensors industry veterans created Gpixel NV, a new supplier of advanced CMOS image sensors solutions. Gpixel NV is structured as a privately-held company and started operation on August 9th, 2018 providing turn-key solutions to industrial and professional markets ranging from sensor design, prototyping, characterization and packaging to qualification and volume production.

Gpixel NV founders are Tim Baeyens, Tim Blanchaert, Jan Bogaerts, Bart Ceulemans and Wim Wuyts. Together they form a team of image sensor experts with more than 75 person-years of relevant experience in CMOS imaging technology, development, operations and commercialization. Gpixel NV is set up with financial and operational backing of Gpixel Inc (Gpixel Changchun Optotech), a fast-growing CMOS image sensor supplier based in Changchun, China, founded by Xinyang Wang in 2012.

Gpixel NV is founded to serve demanding industrial and professional markets for CMOS image sensors through the development of truly novel image sensors. It is created for customers looking for a committed CMOS image sensor provider where customer relations as well as strong technical expertise in image sensors technology are paramount.


“Imaging and CMOS image sensors are ubiquitous today,” states Tim Baeyens, CEO of Gpixel NV. “Nevertheless, there is still a strong need for dedicated companies such as Gpixel to address high end markets like industrial and professional imaging. Through our wide industry network and strong collaboration with Gpixel Inc, we anticipate growing Gpixel rapidly to become one of the key players in solid state imaging.”  

Xinyang Wang founder and CEO of Gpixel Inc states, “I am very pleased to join forces with Gpixel NV to grow Gpixel to become a dominant player in our application areas. I am also convinced that the addition of Jan Bogaerts as Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Wim Wuyts as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) for Gpixel worldwide will foster our company’s innovation and global sales significantly.” 

About Gpixel NV

Gpixel NV was formed in August 2018 by founders and key staff of former FillFactory and CMOSIS, combining a very experienced and high-caliber team of designers and product specialists with a solid technology background in the realm of advanced CMOS image sensor solutions. Gpixel NV has the financial and operational backing of Gpixel Inc and is engaged in the design, prototyping, characterization and packaging of novel CMOS image sensor solutions for industrial and professional markets. 

About Gpixel Inc

Gpixel Inc. is a design house located in Changchun, China, specialized in providing high-end CMOS image sensor solutions for industrial, medical and scientific applications. Founded in 2012 by experienced CMOS image sensor designers and semiconductor physicists, Gpixel is committed to continuously innovate and work in close cooperation with its customers and business partners to deliver the most state-of-art CMOS image sensor technologies and products to the global market. 

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