SmartSens Launches the World's First 30 Thousand Pixel BSI Global Shutter CMOS Image Sensor
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SMARTSENS, a leading supplier of CMOS image sensors, recently launched the world's first commercial 30 thousand pixel Global Shutter CMOS image sensor -- SC031GS -- based on the BSI (backlighting) pixel technology.

As the latest product of SmartGSTM series, SC031GS creatively combines the backlighting (BSI) pixel design process with the design of the global shutter image sensor, providing better signal-to-noise ratio, higher sensitivity and greater dynamic range of imaging performance. The target application of SC031GS product has a lot of AI application fields of image recognition, such as intelligent reader device, uav, intelligent module (Gesture Recognition/ vSLAM/ Depth Information/ Optical Flow).

With the rapid development of IoT, QR codes have been widely used in various kinds of complex information recognition and payment scenarios. In the practical application scenarios, more extensive identification range, higher recognition speed and accuracy of intelligent code reading devices are required. For the emerging uav application field, in order to better cope with complex flight and obstacle avoidance scenarios, the image sensor used needs to have a faster response speed, a higher dynamic range and a lower power consumption. In addition, in the application of artificial intelligence such as face recognition and gesture control, the imaging performance requirements of CMOS image sensor are also facing higher and higher technical challenges.

As a product technology-oriented enterprise who is guided by application development trend, SMARTSENS summarizes the actual requirements of various application areas/application scenarios for intelligent image processing, and specially develops another Global Shutter CMOS image sensor -- SC031GS.

Based on BSI, SC031GS is designed by 3.75 um (1/6 " optical size), which can ensure the excellent image quality with its excellent sensitivity and signal to noise ratio under low illumination environment. Meanwhile, SC031GS uses SMARTSENS unique single frame HDR technology, combining global shutter, ensure the application in complex (movement) and lighting scenarios for accurately obtaining image information. Compared with the traditional multi-frame HDR technology of CMOS image sensor, the unique single-frame HDR Global Shutter technology of SMARTSENS is more suitable for AI application of image recognition. In addition, in combination with DVP/MIPI/LVDS, three easy-to-use interface modes, SC031GS can flexibly adapt to the SoC master control platform in various AI applications. The image acquisition frame rate of up to 240fps of SC031GS ensures shorter frame interval time of image acquisition and provides better real-time response capability for Edge Computing.

"Although SMARTSENS is a new force in the CMOS image sensor market, it is also a company that has carefully crafted technology and products based on practical application needs. Our product design fully consider the trend of the development of artificial intelligence application technology. In the process of planning/design, we make a deep interaction with major strategic partners in this field, fully grasp the targeted application scenarios and actual situation and development trend of ISP algorithm, AI algorithms and SoC platform, and finally combine SMARTSENS leading Global Shutter CMOS image sensor design technology, giving birth to this revolutionary product." said by Bai zhendong, general manager of SMARTSENS AI image sensor division.


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